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Travel The Planet Overland book


Did you ever wish you could travel the world with your family in your van? Well the Bell family did it and have decided to make a book out of their new life!


"In 2009 we were inspired to take a leap into the unknown and pilot our Land Rover to far flung places. Eventually we decided to commit completely, sold our business and most of our possessions and shipped the truck to Uruguay from where we launched headfirst into a brave new world and lifestyle as long term travelers. [...]"

  • How the heck did you get your wife to agree to this?
  • How can you afford to travel the world with children?
  • Do you all sleep in that one tent?
  • Isn’t it dangerous to live like you do? simply - how?”. 

We have been asked these and many other questions so often, that we eventually decided to share the knowledge we have earned through blood, sweat and tears. [...]"

"The purpose of this book is to inspire others to explore this magnificent rock we all call home and the core message is simply that anyone sufficiently inspired can travel the planet overland. "

Read away :)

200 pages

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